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Food Truck permanently closed

The AAD Food Truck at the WSOP has permanently closed.
We are no longer allowed to serve at WSOP where the food truck has operated every year since 2013 leaving us without a business.  We are incredibly sorry to report this news and the following: 
The cancelation of the WSOP 2020 took a massive toll on the company.  Shortly before the 2021 series began we were informed that due to COVID restrictions we were unable to have the truck on site or have access to the Rio kitchen as we had every year since 2013.  We had to operate off-site and deliver to the Rio, significantly increasing costs. Our sales dropped 65% from 2019 and by the end of the WSOP we had lost money operating and taken on sizable debt.  The WSOP moving to Ballys in 2022 we expected to have a similar setup and deliver from our off site location, but in early March we got word that we would not be allowed on site in any fashion and were unable to deliver anywhere on property.  This news left us with no choice but to close permanently as our business was the WSOP, leaving us bankrupt without a way to recover financially.  
We are without the ability to refund the rollover balances left on meal plans from 2021.  We have reached out to all holding balances of $300 or more to offer what we can to make a bad situation better, but we have very limited options for those holding less, as we are bankrupt.  Online health and fitness coaching is the area we are best able to give back value, but we realize that isn't what meal plans were purchased for, we simply do not have any other options.  It is with great regret and sadness to report this information after 10 plus years of service, to end it like this is absolutely heartbreaking.
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