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"All American Dave is stone cold nuts.  He was instrumental in my getting the Guinness Record for the longest session ever.  Perfect fuel delivery.  When it comes to nutrition All American Dave is the man.  And that he can brings it right to you makes it all that much better."



"All American Dave’s workout diet program is second to none. The changes I’ve noticed in my body are incredible. Thank you all American Dave for the improvement in not just my body but my overall mental health."




"I’ve tried numerous weight lifting and fitness plans, but none have produced the results like the All American Dave diet!"




"Dave makes delicious and healthy food that facilitates optimum performance.  His delivery service couldn’t be more convenient, and gives me one less thing to worry about during the World Series of Poker.  Meals are varied, and nutritionally balanced. What a relief not to have to depend on the cheeseburger/pizza diet they offer at the Rio."


"I started training with Dave over a year and a half ago, and fully endorse him as a qualified trainer who has boatloads of knowledge about weight-lifting and fitness in general.  He also really helps me by teaching me what he knows, and motivates me to get a good quality workout every time I go to the gym.  I’ve also been using his meal service for quite a while, and find it to be an easy and  relatively inexpensive way to get tasty, healthy meals on a daily basis (and super convenient during the WSOP when he delivers them to the Rio).  During this time period Dave has become a good friend of mine, and I think he’s a great guy – something important to think about when you are hiring someone to become a part of your life."



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