the fuel 

We are proud to announce AAD's joining Cowboy Cerrone at BMF Ranch as he prepares for his UFC fight in Las Vegas May 8th. Meal prep orders are on hold until then. Sorry for the inconvenience.

contact for special event inquiries

All of our meals are built to a "one size fits most" macro count.

For custom macro count meals, please email us at 


Protein: 30-35 grams

Carbohydrates: 30 grams

Fats: 7-15 grams


Classic scramble   

6 organic pasture raised egg whites + 2 yolks scrambled + grilled onions + spinach + avocado.

choice of organic gluten-free oatmeal + berries or sweet potato hash.

Basic scramble   

6 organic pasture raised egg whites + 2 yolks scrambled + avocado.

choice of organic gluten-free oatmeal + berries or sweet potato hash.

Overnight Oats 

organic gluten-free oats + coconut milk + organic greek yogurt + flaxseeds + chia seeds +  hemp seeds + cinnamon + organic fruit. 

protein pancakes

organic gluten-free oats + Isopure protein powder + organic pasture raised eggs + grass-fed whole milk. 

organic maple syrup + grass-fed butter + banana + berries.

the griddler sandwich

Ezekiel sprouted cinnamon raisin bread + organic pasture raised egg + grass-fed beef patty + grass-fed pepper jack + spinach + crafted honey-yogurt sauce. 

Breakfast tacos

organic corn tortillas + organic pasture raised eggs + grass-fed pepper jack + spinach + tomato + cilantro + avocado + crafted spicy-yogurt sauce.

aad Signature Meals 

Free Range Air Chilled Chicken Breast   

choice of sauce + vegetables + carbohydrates + fat.  

grass fed + Grass Finished Burger   

choice of vegetables + carbohydrates + fat. 

add organic pasture raised egg on top for "AAD style".

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon  

choice of sauce + vegetables + carbohydrates + fat.  


almond dijon

chili mango

roasted mushroom


green chili

miso mushroom

cashew apricot


farmers market melody

spring mix side salad 

just broccoli 


autumn sweet potato mash

roasted garlic mash


wild brown rice




olive oil

grass fed + grass finished Steak

New York Strip or Ribeye. 

roasted garlic mash + grilled asparagus + grilled onions + avocado.

un-fried rice bowl 

choice of free range chicken breast or grass-fed beef + organic pasture raised egg + wild brown rice + vegetables + avocado + crafted un-fried sauce.

Caesar salad

organic romaine + almonds + avocado + crafted cashew based vegan dressing.

choice to add protein.

summer salad

organic spring mix + apple + berries + tomato + onion + avocado + crafted vinaigrette.

choice to add protein.


blueberries + raspberries + mango + banana.

395 cal


blueberries + blackberries + strawberries + walnuts.

410 cal


raw cacao + local raw honey + almond butter + banana.

400 cal


mango + banana + spinach + avocado + parsley.

 395 cal

100% organic fruit + 35g of Isopure whey isolate protein + unsweetened wild brown rice milk.

sub vegan protein

*contains nuts

 organic protein shakes

aad crafted coffee


espresso + hot water.

mocha latte 

espresso + organic maple syrup + organic raw


vanilla bean latte

espresso + organic maple syrup + roasted real vanilla beans.

Cinnamon spiced latte

espresso + organic maple syrup + cinnamon + spices.

pumpkin spice latte

espresso + local raw honey + organic pumpkin

purée + spices.

honey latte

espresso + raw local honey.

maple latte

espresso + organic maple syrup.

hot cacao 

organic raw cacao + organic maple syrup.

choice of organic grass-fed whole milk + coconut milk + almond milk + oat milk.

*coffee beans are locally + freshly roasted

*syrups always sugar free


organic coconut water 

Harmless Harvest

artisan mineral water

The Mountain Valley + Fiji Water + Panna.


Marin Kombucha. unique small batch brewed.

pinot sage + original oak + ginger lemongrass + apple juniper.

hot tea

green + black + peppermint + ginger turmeric + lavender chamomile.

hot apple cider

organic apple cider + spices.

hot bone broth

organic grass-fed beef bone broth + fresh chives.