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the fuel 

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All of our signature* meals are built to a "one size fits most" macro count.
 Protein: 30-35 grams
Carbohydrates: 30 grams
Fats: 7-15 grams
600 calorie meals



*Classic breakfast  

6 organic pasture raised egg whites 2 yolks scrambled + caramelized onions + spinach + topped w/ avocado.

Choice of organic gluten-free oatmeal & berries or sweet potato hash


cali scramble

3 scrambled pasture raised eggs + grass-fed colby jack + spinach + tomato + caramelized onions + avocado + choice of sourdough or Ezekiel toast

the griddler 

Ezekiel sprouted cinnamon raisin bread + organic pasture raised egg + grass-fed beef patty + grass-fed pepper jack + spinach + AAD's crafted sauce

sourdough sunrise  

Toasted sourdough + 2 pasture raised eggs + grass fed colby jack cheese + spinach + grass-fed beef patty + caramelized onions + AAD's crafted spicy sauce 


protein pancakes

Kodiak whole grains cakes + whey isolate protein powder + organic pasture raised eggs + whole milk. 

Topped with organic maple syrup + grass-fed butter + banana + berries

Breakfast tacos

Organic corn tortillas + organic pasture raised eggs + grass-fed pepper jack + spinach + tomato + cilantro + avocado + AAD's crafted sauce.

french toast

Sourdough bread dipped in egg heavy batter made + vanilla + cinnamon + real maple syrup + grass fed butter and organic berries

Add 3 scrambled eggs + $3.50


aad Signature* Meals 

#1  chicken Breast

Free range air chilled chicken breast tossed in a savory AAD's crafted sauce + topped with avocado. Served with organic wild brown rice + steamed veggies.

#2  Chicken Breast

Free range air chilled chicken breast tossed in a spicy AAD's crafted sauce. Served with autumn sweet potato mash + steamed veggies.

#3 The all American Burger  *customer favorite* 

100% grass-fed & finished beef from the Oregon Coast topped with grilled onions + avocado. Served with autumn sweet potato mash + steamed veggies. 

Pro-Tip: add organic pasture raised egg on top for "AAD style" 

#4 Grilled salmon

Wild caught alaskan sockeye salmon topped with an AAD's crafted sauce. Served with organic wild brown rice + steamed veggies.  

#5 vegan Caesar salad 

Organic romaine + almonds + avocado + tossed in AAD's crafted cashew-based vegan dressing.

Add free range air chilled chicken breast, grass-fed & finished beef, or wild caught fish (+$11)


#6 vegetarian plate 

organic brown rice + autumn sweet potatoes + steamed vegetable medley + avocado topped with choice of AAD's crafted sauce.

100% organic fruit + 30g of Isopure whey isolate protein + organic coconut water & coconut milk.


blueberries + blackberries + strawberries + mango + banana.

395 cal


blueberries + blackberries + strawberries + banana + walnuts.

410 cal

Tropical Fusion 

pineapple + mango + peach + strawberry + banana.


raw cacao + local raw honey + almond butter + banana.

400 cal


spinach + avocado + parsley + mango + banana.

 395 cal

*contains nuts

 organic protein shakes

aad crafted coffee

*handmade syrups from scratch using organic maple syrup or organic local raw honey- never contains sugar.



12oz 2 shots // 16 oz 3 shots. 

espresso + hot water.

mocha latte 

12oz 2 shots // 16 oz 3 shots.

espresso + organic raw cacao + organic maple syrup.

vanilla latte 

12oz 2 shots // 16 oz 3 shots.

espresso + pure vanilla extract + organic maple syrup.

maple latte 

12oz 2 shots // 16oz 3 shots. 

espresso + organic maple syrup.

Autumn Spice Latte 

12oz 2 shots // 16oz 3 shots.

espresso + cinnamon + pumpkin spice + organic maple syrup. 

Matcha Latte 

organic matcha + local raw honey + cinnamon.

hot cacao 

organic raw cacao + organic maple syrup.

choice of organic grass-fed whole milk + coconut milk + organic oat milk.


organic coconut water

Harmless Harvest

Spring Mineral WateR 

The Mountain Valley Spring Water served in a glass bottle.

Sparkling spring water 

The Mountain Valley Sparkling Spring Water served in a glass bottle.


Marin Kombucha served in an amber glass bottle. unique small batch brewed, no forced carbonation.

pinot sage + original oak + ginger lemongrass + apple juniper.

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