All American Daves


To me, the single best way to improve your quality of life is through improved diet and exercise.  Life is an adventure, be prepared!

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? -Dave

Meal Prep

Our Meals are Built with:

  • Macro-nutrient balance

  • Grass-Fed & Finished Beef

  • Wild-Caught Fish

  • Free Range Air-Chilled Chicken

  • Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

  • Healthy Fats

  • NO Heated Oils

  • Organic and Local Ingredients

"One step at a time, remember to leave yesterday behind you, do your best today and set yourself up for a better tomorrow"


  • A personalized 5-week course designed by Dave to help others build the foundation of a lifestyle, sustainable for years to come.

  • Tailored based on Dietary and Fitness goals you have in mind. 

  • For best results combine workouts with our Meal Prep available for pickup or delivery.